Monday, December 3, 2012

Favorite American Things

This is my list of products I always stock up on when I'm back home in the states. Some of them I can get here in France, but they are always much cheaper states side!

EO Hand Cleansing Gel is a natural hand sanitizer. I love the lavender scent, which is from essential oils, so it actually smells like lavender, and not some chemical concoction. I love EO products in general, but this is the one that I always have on me.

Burt's Bees. The obsession has gone international.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick and Cream Eyeliner in Caviar. I had a long term love affair with Benefit's Playstick, which they evily discontinued a few years ago, so this is my replacement. You can use it as a full foundation, or as coverup. The cream eyeliner is the end all of eyeliners. With a slant brush, you can get the thinest of lines, a smokey eye or the perfect cat eye.

Benefit's Boiing. A bit of a more hardcore coverup for under eyes. The fair color is a bit light for me, but the medium was too dark, so I mix with the foundation stick.

Seven for all Mankind Jeans. Not officially a beauty product, but the best jeans out there, hands down, and worth the money. These have been on continual rotation, all seasons, since college, and they still look good!

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