Wednesday, November 28, 2012

40's style

I found this vintage style dress at H&M last weekend; H&M perpetually confuses me. Some days, it's so full of overpriced, poorly constructed pieces that I just turn and walk out of the store. Other days, I find things like this. It's even lined in a super cute printed statin!


I spent years looking for the perfect pair of beige heeled boots, which I found last year at J. Crew, only to ruin them a few months later at my bachelorette party (leather covered stiletto heels + a dock + being blindfolded = shoe disaster!) I managed to revive them with a generous amount of shoe polish.

When I want to feel ladylike, I carry my "fancy" Longchamps bag.


  1. seriously. where'd you get them?

    1. I got them from J.Crew a year or so ago. They are discontinued, unfortunately, but you can still find some on ebay, search for "Bronson Booties".