Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall in Normandy

My husband and I went for a late fall walk on Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect fall day- crisp air, a yellow sun and crisp crunchy colored leaves.

We even came across an ewe that had just given birth, so sweet.

It was pretty muddy so I put my Aigle boots to good use. A traditional must for wet Norman weather.

The weather was also warm enough to wear just a light jacket - I've had this jean jacket since high school! It has seen many different styling choices over the years... makes me feel very American when I wear it in France.

Jean Jacket, (really old) Gap; Sweater, Banana Republic; Pants, Zara; Boots, Aigle

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  1. love, love your outfit in this post! i'm a recent U.S. transplant to Wiesbaden, Germany & quasi-newlywed {how long are we considered newlyweds?} wicked excited to have found your blog! {via Wedding Bee}