Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Longchamps Obsession

You may have wondered what I meant by my "fancy Longchamps" that I mentioned yesterday. Let me explain...

Longchamps. The ubiquitous French bag. Seen swinging nonchalantly from the arms of girls from Paris to Marseilles. It started off innocently enough for me, I got myself a basic black "sac pliage" that I used for years, and still use to this day, despite the holes forming in the corners (too many books/ computers/ market veggies stuffed in over the years, I suppose).

But then, somehow, the one turned into... many. So many different shapes and sizes!

I never strayed from my beloved sac pliage (the soft, fabric ones, they fold in on themselves for easy storage and travel... another reason to have extras!) until my husband bought me my "fancy longchamps" in buttery leather.

What, this isn't normal?

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