Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November details

Fall and winter are some of my favorite seasons to decorate for. Perhaps because the two go hand in hand, or perhaps because we tend to spend more time indoors and thus more time around my handiwork!

This November, I set about making a cornucopia. I used a spare piece of natural colored butcher paper, which I painted with a champagne gold paint. Some dried leaves got the same treatment. Mixed together with some leftover paper peonies that I made for our wedding, and a few baby squash from the kitchen, I'd say it turned out pretty well!

I used some gold leaves on our coffee table as candle decorations as well.

I have a small obsession with painting my nails. It's a small way to uplift my day and make me feel pretty! Recently, I've been getting into this nail art trend.

I did this look with a base nude color, and then lightly layered gold polish on the bottoms. I put on topcoat while the gold was still a little wet to get it to streak for a nice ombré/ gold leaf effect.

 Sally Hanson polishes in CafĂ© au Lait and Gilty Pleasure

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